Equal rights commitment ceremonies Celebrant

Commitment Ceremonies & Same-Sex Marriage Celebrant

Even though same sex marriages have not yet been recognized in law, a formal commitment to each other is the same as a wedding ceremony as it holds the same meaning but with the absence of the legal content.

You will still make vows and exchange rings as all the procedures are similar to a traditional wedding (which is a commitment anyway).

You can have a commitment ceremony and register your relationship with the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Together we can plan the most intimate or outrageous ceremony to suit every personality and make your day perfect.

" We come together to share our love, our lives and our future.
  We are always two, but we will always be one,
  I love and respect all that you are,
  I embrace all that is you with all that I am.
 (Timothous Mack-Jones & Edward Jones-Mack)