New year, new starts, new beginnings

May 11, 2016

What a sensational day had by everyone of the 250 guests at The Prahran Hotel for the marriage of Matt and Sophie.

Arriving at 4pm to start the non-stop entertainment that went through till 1am without a break.   The wedding all took place in the skylighted centre at 4.30pm with a special surprise guest appearance of a contestant on "The Voice" who was paid to come along to sing a song Sophie loved during the signing of the legal documents.     The cocktails, wines, shots, spirits, anything your heart desired was served.   And the food.....well it's hard to explain there were rooms of food laid on tables up stairs and down.   The two different bands from cool jazz to South American salsa.   Surprises with guest speakers intermittent with the music.    Final surprise at the end of the night with the newly weds on stage was to first play the video of the whole day from beginning to end already edited to music just before midnight, then to do the countdown into the New Year with the 250 guests bursting in unison to the song from Rent, Seasons of Love '525,600 minutes' as a surprise to Matty and Sophie because that is one of their favourite song.   What a buzz hearing everyone sings and taking the roof off at midnight.   And what an effort we all went to just to learn the song.     It was truly amazing.   It was certainly a different wedding that just slotted into the production of the whole day.    Certainly one never to forget and hard to beat !!!!