Wedding Angles on my side again. 42 degrees

March 18, 2016

Shannon and Matt's wedding was planned for 2pm in St.Vincent's Garden's but at rehearsal two days before we realised that for the comfort of the guests the wedding would have to be performed at the noisy end of the gardens but it was the coolest.   The day before Shannon changed the time from 2 till 3.30 because of the sun and heat and then on the morning changed the time to 4.30pm.   Thank god for social media in this instance as it would not have been possible to contact all those people otherwise.   

Again proving the worth of giving my whole day to my bride and groom just confirmed for me again that if I had other weddings to perform they would have had to stick to 2pm wedding and all their guests would have been exposed to the elements and the worst part of the heat of the day.

Well as it turned out at 4.30 most of the area we wanted was under shade, they had all sorts of drinks and food for the guests after the ceremony and surprisingly everthing went so well it actually turned out to be a delight to be in the gardens late afternoon.   I couldn't believe the groomsmen all wore suits with jackets, what martyrs,   I did admire that.    As one who doesn't thrive in the heat and I do worry about people having heat exhaustion especially older guests, if I feel they are glazing over and the weather has taken their concentration I usually then cut to the chase and do a shorter version of ceremony.    I didn't have to on this occasion and everyone enjoyed themselves in the moment.