A Special Privilege

March 18, 2016

Gavan and Catriona lived in Hobart and because Catriona's father was a member of the Melbourne Club they were able to have their wedding and reception there.   The wedding was under one of the Heritige Listed trees which you can see is absolutely gigantic and apparently is a full time job to keep them healthy and alive in the top part of Melbourne.   In our concrete and high buildings these trees are such a pleasure to see walking up Little Collins street as they tower high over the brick walls that surround the club.   I felt very special standing under the tree just sitting in that garden with all it's history.

A string quartet set the mood in such an elegant surrounding and everything went so perfect and well.    The ceremony was a great springboard to the wonderful time the family and guests enjoyed in the magnificent building.  Of course there are still 'no go' rooms for men only and apparently have not changed their rules or given in to progress which is very apparent once you're in there.

An interesting observation I made was the womens toilets down the back of the gardens of which there were five were all about six foot wide and the actual toilets were made like a bench of mahogony with the seat that lifted up in the middle.   I realised after trying to make out why they were so wide soon realised it would have been for the ladies with their bustle dresses.   Other than plumbing that had been now connected they were the original toilets.    Almost a work of art and certainly a collectable.

Weddings are only allowed at the Melbourne Club for members or members children so of course they don't have very many. A wonderful memory to have.