Sault Chapel and Restaurant Daylesford

May 26, 2015

Chris and Wai decorated the chapel with flowers at the end of each row of seats and around the window frame.   The view of the lake is the main focus in this chapel and provides such a serene and natural setting.   The chapel also sits behind rows and rows of lavender bushes which is one of the main features for the photos.        The weather was perfect and the sun had appeared after hiding for the four days before so the elements were on their side.     The family were beautiful and because Wai's parents did not speak English we went slower and explained what was happening so they felt part of the ceremony.    Wai ended up crying so we halted and sent for the tissues.    All on track again and Chris just coasted through the whole ceremony just taking the whole thing in his stride. Even though the ceremony was relatively short it was very meaningful.   Would you believe they had photos taken for three hours before enjoying their wedding dinner in the restaurant.    The restaurant is such a gorgeous building and space it is the icing on the cake.   I can't imagine a wedding here that wouldn't be the best day to remember.