Baby Naming Ceremony for Soleil Nova MinnieMay Holt

March 22, 2015

I just love Victorian country and here I was at Elphinstone near Castlemaine to perform a Naming Ceremony for Soleil Holt who was also celebrating her 1st birthday. Now, other than the pub, Elphinstone only has a football ground and a school. I couldn't even see the nearest house from the pub but the community is very tight and supportive I believe. And, by the way the pub has a shuttle service for patrons on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights so nobody has to worry about driving home after a couple of drinks.
Anyway, fun was had by all as the ceremony went fabulously well and lucky Soleil had 3 wonderful people as Guardians to help and support her through her life.

Now Soleil Nova MinnieMay Holt is quite a mouthful but it seems that Darren's (dad) grandmother gave all her 7 children 2 middle names and little Soleil wasn't going to miss out and she certainly was a smiley, happy, sunny little girl just like her name.
After the Naming Ceremony the celebrations continued as they then cut the birthday cake.
It was a pleasure to meet Stacey, Darren, and Soleil in such a great part of Victoria.